Who wants the “dark age” DVD rips ?

I have all the ufc dark age dvds I’ve ripped to mp4 for my media center at home. 

I believe a while back Dana said he would give them away or something ?

i messages Cindy O about it but I think that was before she got fired. 

If I get the go ahead I’ll post them on my s3 account for people to download. Just tweet and Dana see if he replies in this thread if you want them. 

I just don’t want the fines and jail lol. 

I remember back in the day, BLAF said he was going to give it to the MMA.TV community.

Never came to fruition.

I also remember Dana saying he would let everyone have them because the fights sucked. If you have them, I want them 

Do want

OMG these would be great!

are they on fightpass?

if so i am certain ufc doesnt want anyone giving em away

but thats cool of u to offer

I remember Dana saying he owed Calgary one.


My copies are still on video tape lol 

And Dana see if he replies in this thread

I mean TWEET!!! 

Am I doing this right? 

Fuck yeah



What are the actually ifc numbers ? I might just go for it. 


totally in for this.

just post it. we are all 1 fan of it.

I'm in!


I remember having to use the computer lab at the Community College by my apartment to look up results on ADCC.com.

I need this.

Can you just post them here, Pro Ice style? Awesome of you to make the effort TY. I really love the atmosphere of all of the early MMA events.