Who was always a MMA'er at heart

I bounced around a lot as a kid, because it was rare that I found something that was real. Self Defense wise Vee Arnis Jitsu was pretty bad ass. But I thought about how real fighting was a lot, and I found out I address more issues than styles did, like Karate, Kung Fu, etc. In any way I always knew that grappling mixed with striking was pretty effective for real fights. When the UFC's came on I was like Oh Shit, I was right. Anyone else have the same experiance.

I was doing Shaolin Kung fu :-(

(Points at screenname) I was doing Shaolin kung fu, too...for a LOOOOOOOOONNG time. LOL

I do remember thinking being in my early teens that it would be cool if pro wrestling was REAL, a sport blending strikes AND grappling techniques (I hated the fake stuff and still do, BTW). I honestly never thought it would happen, though. I was exploring the various combat ranges and doing JJJ and MT by '92/'93, but I was just searching for self-defense applications...I don't think the idea of MMA had ever fully formed in my brain aside from a few idle notions here and there.

I did Kempo when i was 10 and then boxed at 14, then i watched UFC and was like ohhh shit

Lived and Died on the wrestling mat!!!

on sundays back in the days(im 34)i watched kung fu theater and godzilla,so i learned kung fu every sunday.