Who was more impressive in their last win; DDP or Strickland?

DDP dominated and finished Whittaker in round 2

Strickland walked Izzy down like a fucking dog for 5 rounds and beat him up

Which was more impressive to you




  • DDP
  • Strickland
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I gotta say Strickland

I’m gonna say something controversial. I get killed every time I say this but I’m sorry; Whittaker is overrated. This site overrates him a lot

Whittaker has zero wins over any UFC champions. He lost at WW. He lost his biggest fights at MW.

And something nobody ever mentions; he’s a Decision machine. His last 6 wins were all by decision. His last finish came in 2017


Strickland by a country mile.


Whittaker is overrated because australians are the biggest piece of shit bias fans on earth and they shout down anyone with an honest opinion of their shit tier fighters

His career is bizarre. Won TUF, beat another TUF champion then lost to Wonderboy and moved up. Won an interim title, promoted to real champion, never actually defended because Yoel missed weight… then didn’t fight for over a year and got tooled by Izzy.

Still went 5 years undefeated and had cleaned out the top 5 aside from Izzy, some felt he won that and some feel Yoel got robbed by both… the middleweight title picture between the Silva and Adesanya eras was wild.

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Strickland but DDP’s performance was up there too. Its interesting cuz all 4 of them have such different styles.


Great point. Add in that during the chaos, Jacare fell out of his prime and Weidman went from champ to how many losses in a row? Same with Rockhold. I think prime Weidman would have had a good style for Izzy.

I feel like I missed a chunk of Whitaker’s career. He went from prelim guy to certified badass main eventer overnight.

I’d love to see a Whitaker/Strickland fight.

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wrestlemania x8 wrestling GIF by WWE


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Strickland. DP looked like a jobber against Till as well.

And yes I know Sean had back to back losses.

Whittaker is not overrated. He is to Izzy as Franklin was to Silva.


LHW Cormier and Jones.

The best guy in the division at the wrong time.

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He’s better than Franklin. More like what Max is to Volk.


Both men did what they were suppose to in their last fight. Sean was there to take the title. GSP’s doppelgänger had to prove he was worthy of the title shot. They can’t be compared.

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@DiedInACarWreck I fucking love your screen name. Well played :pray:t2:

Strickland but it’s a loaded question. Even the biggest Strickland hater can’t deny this.

I thought it was a good question. Izzy and Whittaker are 1 and 2 at MW.

Strickland beat the better fighter. But DDP got the finish and it was also a big upset

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