Who wears cups/jocks when you roll

I know I probably should. I used to and it just was so uncomfortable, I can now roll without ever getting em crushed but I think its gonna happen sooner or later. Whats your guys take on them?

I did Judo for 2 years then BJJ for the last 6 and I've never worn a cup.  I've only taken a few shots in the nads. 

i never do.. cept for a couple tournaments

I'm a beginner,who ends up rolling with spazzed out,other beginners.I wear a soft cup,been accidentally kneed a few times.

I still have yet to try a "soft cup" but probably wont

Never do, although next time i hvae money i'll be trying that "Procup" someone recommended on the UG, it looks like it might do the trick for grappling (first link through froogle: http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=200890120&SearchEngine=Froogle&SearchTerm=200890120&Type=PE&Category=Sport&dcaid=17379 ). Has soft plastic on the sides so i'm thinking it may not hurt like a bitch when i'm in halfguard.



Never but always wanted to and only recently started and I wish I had done it sooner. Takes alot of tension off of rolling. You can be a little more aggressive in your passing.

I REALLY DISLIKE wearing a cup for grappling. It's been nothing but discomfort for myself and my partners.

I don't ever wear one now, with the exception of tournaments (especially Judo tourneys...gotta watch out for those crazy Uchi Mata guys!)


In my opinion, in any sport with person to person contact, you should always wear a cup and mouthpiece.

Once you get used to them, you don't notice they're there.

I ALWAYS wear one.

Here is why. I never wore one through my whole wrestling career and the first 4 years of jiu jitsu. ONE practice while my practice partner was working butterfly guard, I got racked. Over the next two weeks it felt as though I had the proverbial 'blue balls.'

When it got really bad I went to the doctor who ordered ultrasound on my nuts. I had some significant tearing of the epididimous (sp?) which is the tube connecting the testicle. I had to go on some serious pain meds and antibiotics and now, I wear a cup. Fortunately, I was able to aid my wife in conception :), but the doctor listed that as a potential complication...

Moral of the story... no matter how uncomfortable wearing a cup and jock may be, it is not nearly as painful as two weeks of 'blue balls' and the potential sterility.

I never used to but now I wear a soft cup (which is still pretty hard but more comfortable) and it doesn't bother me. Since I only roll no-gi these days there is more looseness and that translates to more knees and elbows flying into the jewel zone. Also I think that when you accidently grab your partner's crotch to get a grip its more comfortable for both parties to make contact with his cup than his junk.

i can't roll without one. But im seriously the only one at my school that wears one. I've lost to many armbars without it. i don't understand how people don't wear one.

Install spikes like on a bulldog collar to further increase the pain of armlocks!

I've been submitted once in a tourney from back by metal Thai cup pressing into my spine. Well if it wasn't for that he'd probably get the choke sooner or later or win by points...

Anyway... I usually wear a cup. And I have a Thai one as well which I'm definately wearing to competition. Big differnece weather your armlocking your opponents elbow against your soft balls or against a metal Thai cup.

"I've been submitted once in a tourney from back by metal Thai cup pressing into my spine. Well if it wasn't for that he'd probably get the choke sooner or later or win by points..."

This move is called "Cupfuck" and is a legit move! lol

All the guys at my gym wear a thai cup and swear by it. Maybe i'll give it a shot.

never have for practice. I've rarely ever been tagged, and I think it limits movement a little the few times I've been forced to wear one for competition. I don't walk around wearing a cup, so why practice with one?