Who will be the 2004 fighter of Yr

Couture by most accounts was the 2003 fighter of the yr
becoming the 1st LHW champ and HW champ in the UFC and destroying Tito and Liddell.

Hughes was the 2002 Fighter of the Year(debatable and close in the running for 2003 along with Silva)

Who will be the 2004 fighter of the year?

Iam thinking probably Silva, Tito, Sylvia( I say Sylvia because he may get a shot at Pride and the UFC now that he is not the champ. This would allow him a chance to fight Fedor or Nog and possibly win and then come back to the UFC and win the title.

Dark horses
Rogerio Nogueria
Rodrigo Nogueria

Really Dark Horses (if they get shots they may be able to make a splash)
Forest Griffen
Mauricio Rua

Dean Lister


Crocop, he will be Pride champion by the end of the year.

Crop Cop and new face of 2004 will be George St Pierre

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Randy after being the first undisputed champ beating vitor and silva