Who Will Get Caught Next??

I got:





slyvia of course

he's due

matt perry

yo luvmachine, I meant roids, not cracks




yea, i saw that picture of warpath earlier, I thought the same thing

Rashad has some serious bitch tits, no testing is even required

Warcraft is not roiding.

Can HGH be detected by the tests currently in use? Because I imagine
some of my suspects are beyond those common steroids and are using
more other drugs.

Kenny Florian

Luke Cummo

imo...they both have to be juicing....






for those who might actually think im serious....my comment is obiviously a joke...those 2 guys are probably the cleanest fighters in the world

I don't even care anymore.

It seems to be more of a question of who can cover it up better.

I just hope to see some great fights, and I am over the fact that steroid use is part of the sport.

headbutted, i'm glad you clarified your joke because i was about to go apeshit.....

Mirko was 235 with abs in some fights in Pride. In the UFC he looks soft at 220. If he's not using now, he was definitely using at some point.

We have it on Karo's authority that GSP juices.


Karo wouldn't lie to us. He's pretty street. And I, unlike the cast of TUF, know who he f*ing is.

My guess is Gonzaga.

gonzaga is naturally burly, he's not on the juice

mario sperry

Oh, I have no reason to suspect Gonzaga. I am just putting in my guess. It's based on nothing at all.