Who Will Make Waves...

... within the next year do you guys think? I have a feeling Brandon Vera (if he ever fights), Roger Gracie (again, if he ever actually fights), and Frankie Edgar will be top guys soon. Oh and believe it or not, I think Kendall Grove will be the next middleweight champ, imo.

P.S. No "I thought this was a thread about surfing" posts or pics of surfers please. :)

Dammnit, I can't see vids at work. Who is that?! The anxiety's killing me!

"Paulo Filho dominates his way to a matchup with Jason "Mayhem" Miller, this will be a career defining moment for both of them."

I like your other predictions but I don't think that Miller belongs in the ring with Filho (yet at least) so for Filho to beat Miller... not really a career defining moment for either.

"Frankie Edgar comes in tough @ 145 but the addition of Jeff Curran and guys like Rani Yahya make it more difficult for him to make his impact, along with a dominant champ in Faber."

I'm thinking Edgar shakes up the whole UFC 155 lbs. division and eventually beats the champ (Sherk or Aurelio).

Dan Henderson, Soukoudjou, and Marcelo Garcia!

I honestly do not think Henderson will makes waves. I just have a funny feeling about it. So Edgar is definitely dropping down to 145 lbs. in the WEC? That sucks, man. I wanted to see him against dudes like Lauzon, Fisher, etc.

Oh and I forgot to add Lyoto Machida.