Who would be best powerlifter?

Of the following fighters, and following lifts, which fighters would have the highest number?

Matt Hughes

Mikey Burnett

Tank Abbott

Jeff Monson

Bob Sapp

Jimmy Ambriz

Phil Baroni

Robbie Lawler

Now here are the lifts

Bench Press




Clean and Jerk

Pound for pound strongest or who can lift the most weight irregardless of weightclass.

I would have to say Tank Abott hands down. I don't think anyone could out benchpress him. He may not have much of a squat anymore but I am sure he could still pull a good deadlift.

I don't know why some of these other fighters are even on this list. I doubt Hughes can bench more than 315 or squat 405. Yes he beats guys who can do those numbers with the tard strength.

ummmmmm....you guys did see Bob Sapp's name on that list right?

I think P4P it's Mikey Burnett...didn't he used to do that shit?

Pound for pound, probably Mikey Burnett. Overall, Ambriz easily.

I suppose I should put my name in the running:

Several State, National and World Records with the WABDL and other orgs.

Benchpress (Highest in competition of: 455 pounds
Body weight of 218 pounds. Age of 57 years old

Deadlift (Highest in competition of: 637 pounds
Body Weight of 218 pounds. Age of 58 years old

Squat (Highest in competion of 505 pounds
Body Weight of 242 pounds. Age of 55 years old

Some of the records are still standing. I have coached more record holding powerlifters in the state of Alabama than any other trainer. Incidentally all record breaking lifts and 10% of competitors at the meets were drug tested (including me with a negative test result). Some of the records are still up on the websites and can be verified.

I teach weight resistance training and physical conditioning on a daily basis as a personal trainer at Powerhouse Gym in Alabama, and of course, fight wherever anyone has the balls to fight a 61 year old guy. I'm looking for a few more fights for this year right now. Email me if you know of any.

Skip "No Mercy" Hall

Tank is correct.


Correct me if I am wrong but you are not that strong the day you step into the ring for MMA. Are you?

My guess is when you powerlift train and you train for a fight you lbs #'s may be cut in half.

Also how does all that muscle effect your cardio. Do you feel like you have much better cardio the weaker you get.

tank is not correct.

ambriz would crush tank in every single lift.

Has anybody ever seen Tanks legs???!!!!
They are like legs that should be on a 200 pound guy.
In his fight with Cabbage they show a prefight training with Tank doing Bench and Heavy dumbell curls "wtf btw with the curls"...No legs.
Shiloh does Tank work legs?

Ambriz by far is the strongest I am sure.
Pound for Pound I would say Burnette cause he did have some titles in Powerlifting.

Colubrid1 - yes, you are right. I'm probably no where near that strong the day I enter the ring to MMA fight. First I cut to 205 pounds to keep the taller fighters down to my level of height. Secondly, I diet to get there and MANY HOURS OF CARDIO - at least two a day of one or more hours a time. Each thing (powerlifting and MMA fighting) is really specialized for that one thing you are trying to do - all out and win. But, the powerlifting routines can sometimes help with the things we do in the ring. Powerlifting could be one kind of measurement of "potential strength" in a situation when you needed that say at the end of a technique to close it out.

Yes, I live in Alabama but we have always said that we would move further away towards the Caribeean when we could afford it when my Granddaughter is a bit older. Alabama is not the mecca for anything! Certainly not MMA, powerlifting or weight training.

By the way, the STRONGEST GUY I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED IN THE CAGE HAS BEEN MATT HUGHES. Regardless of what he does on the bench, squat rack or deadlift, he's an animal when it comes to MMA skill and strength application. Skip Hall

"By the way, the STRONGEST GUY I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED IN THE CAGE HAS BEEN MATT HUGHES. Regardless of what he does on the bench, squat rack or deadlift, he's an animal when it comes to MMA skill and strength application. Skip Hall "

ttt for tard strength!!!!!!!!

BTW . Thanks Skip for the reply!

Alexandru Lungu can bench 700lbs, he faught Colossus a couple Prides ago.

Tank is the best powerlifter on that list.

some of those squats seem pretty weak to me. i was squatting 425 when weighing about 71kg.

tank is not the best on that list

Tank's done a bench press of 600 lbs.

i can do 25 pushups


ambriz has done 715 and has the other lifts to go with it