Who would you like to see make a comeback?

I made this thread in regards to MMA on the UG. I'm wondering who would you like to see make a comeback on the BJJ/No Gi scene today?

This can be MMA guys, retired fighters etc.

Personally, I'd love to see Terere make another run. I know Galvao is supposed to be back in the Gi, I'd like to see Jacare follow suit. I'd also be really interested in seeing Aoki and/or Imanari compete in gi or nogi. It would be great to see BJ return to gi competition at least once.

I'd love to see a REAL masters' division and see all the old-school guys get in a few more runs - Fabio Gurgel, Sperry, Bitetti, Liborio, Royler, Renzo, etc.

Terere and Jacare are tops on my list.

Terere, Jacare, and Roleta.

KingBodhi - Terere, Jacare, and Roleta.

Demian Maia too.

nino v terere

Actually, Glover in the gi for once would be cool.

Jacare, Bustamante, BJ.

Margarida FTW

I'd like to see Robson and Leo Santos compete again.

Would love to see Terere and Jacare return.



Gracie for sure.


David Terrell, Drysdale, Jacare, Nick Diaz, Luke Stewart, Jake Shields, The Penn Brothers Phone Post

jac, leozinho, bj penn would be awesome, diaz bros.

and what if Rickson went to worlds and competed adult? that would be amazing. it might be cost effective to get a ppv deal for that if every bjj guy petitioned and watched

Rickson, Royler, Royce, Bravo, Wallid, and JJ Machado come to mind.

Terere, Royler, Wallid, Leozinho, Margarida, and Saulo are the first that came to mind. Phone Post

shen - 

Gracie for sure.


Hillary - Terere, Royler, Wallid, Leozinho, Margarida, and Saulo are the first that came to mind. Phone Post

All past their prime tho.

Jacare is the best example of guys who walked away from the gi when they were still in their prime. He could have taken every meio pesado title from 2006 and a couple of absolutes too I expect.