Whoa. Fedor Out, Wanderlei In

Still recovering from his hand surgery, Emelianenko Fedor will be out of action for the second round of the 2006 Pride Grand Prix. Of all people, Wanderlei Silva will take his place.



excellent choice for replacement, imo.

Thanks for the information. Good replacement!

CRE is correct

Maybe somehow, Mark Coleman gets put in there and match him up against Vanderlei Silva. Now, that would be interesting.

Mino would break Silva easily IMO, and Silva allready fought Cop, Hunt and Yoshida. Maybe Silva vs Fujita? Good replacement

I'm sorry, but Silva is too small for the "open weight" tourney.

Hunt would beat him again.

Cro-Cop would beat him this time around.

Barnett would mush him.

Nog would sub him.

Silva won't KO Fujita, but may win a decision.

Werdum would sub him.

I guess he could win another split decision over Yoshida. He's 3-2 in his last 5 matches. He only looked good against Nakamura. He should be defending his belt not fighting in the toruney.

I guess it could make some interesting match-ups though.

I don't think Wandy will win the tournament but he's nevertheless an awesome fighter and anything could happen.

Sorry to hear Fedor will be out but I am glad he's taking the time to heal properly.

While he may not win the grand prix, I definitely think Wand could give most of the other guys a pretty good fight on any given night... a match with Hunt or Cro Cop would be a war, but I don't see him beating either of those guys.

If Silva beat the odds and managed to win the GP, Fedor vs Silva on the NYE show would draw ludicrous amounts of money.

Wand is my favorite fighter, but this is a tough pill to swallow even for the axe murderer.

i'm rooting for silva all the way, but it's a rough road