Whole Brian stann-rousey situation. Is it real??

Just wondering and couldn't find an answer

Ps. Brittney Palmer was nipping Walter at UFC on fuse... Watched on computer but we need gif Phone Post

Now that the details came out, I doubt anyone will answer you since the ones that have posted have been frozen.

Edit: thought people were implying he was banging Rousey.

The Loge - Yes, he tried fingering her. Phone Post

Hahaha Phone Post

. Phone Post

Some people on this forum are fucking retarded. This is thread worthy? Rousey retweeted it for fucks sakes, you think she broke his finger. Jesus christ. Serenity now

^ oh she retweeted it. So that gives it some meaning??

Wtf.. Why did UG news show it? Seriously, it's not a big deal and f not real, and I'd pic fake, then very very dumb Phone Post


Apply Occam's Razor - the simplest explanation is the correct one.

A. Brian Stann cracked a joke and so Ronda Rousey broke his finger and then he tweeted it, and she retweeted it.

B. Brian Stann is joking.

This is as far as I can take ya :-)