who's goin to PrideGP

anyone goin to saitama on the 25th???

you betcha!!!!! I'll be there with bells on!!
- Juggs

I live in California. Where do I get tickets? How much will they cost?(Nosebleed seatrs are fine) Where is the best place to find the cheapest tickets to Japan?

I think Aug 15 has my name all over it.

IN japan, just go to Ticket Pia and chose where you want to sit.

JDEE, I'll be the gaijin wearing and Eric Estrada 'your a homo' t shirt

HARDCASTLE,....I'll be the gaijin wearing the blue GUTSMAN shirt. Can't miss the shirt you're wearing!! he he he!

- Juggs

Won't it be sold out way ahead of time?

got my ticket last week