who's going to the Arnolds

Rhalan lost Split Dec.

Hey guys, in Ohio still at the Hampton INN, As you know it started 5 hours late yesterday and I refereed for 7 hours straight. I finnally left about 11pm last night after getting there at 8:30am. We cant go to the Sunday tournament, I dont have any of my team doing NO GI , so we are heading back to TN. Got to meet Dustin and hang out with Saulo, Joe Moreria and others for a while.
One of the weird events of the day was a guy from TN that I know named John Long, he is a Judo Black belt and they allowed him to fight in the black belt division, he had to fight Xander Riberio, Xander went easy on him, threw him then let him up and threw him again, then after that went ahead to tap him from the knee on belly with a basic choke.

When I left at 11pm the gi events were still going on.

There was a bunch of great black belts there to Ref, Wander Braga, Saulo, Luiz Palhares, Randy Bloom, Nester,Scott Devine, and many more. Was a long long day but lots of Fun.


It was too bad I was not bale to spend more time talking with you...May sometime soon, I can make it down there and compeat in one of your events.

You did a great Job on Saturday...just too bad that the event has it same old issues...

Talk to you soon,

- Dustin

thank you, it was a big mess............