who's going to the Arnolds

Hey Guys, who is going to the Arnolds this weekend? I will be there with my team Hatcher/Palhares. I will be doing some refing so all you forum brothers come and say hello.


I will be there running the weigh ins and sign ups, and running all of the brackets Saturday and Sunday.

Is that you JaY? man, you poor guy.....sounds worse than being a ref. I'll be sure to say Hi.


See ya all soon.

Cant wait...I will be there!


Hey Randy, how you doing sir? Are you going to compete?

I would like too compete, but I am getting ready for the Pan Ams. I'm 40 and don't want to fight 20 yr olds and get my ass kicked

Unfortunately I can't make it this year.No $$$ to make the trip.I'm pretty bummed out :(

I know Bro, Its going to put me in the hole, but thats what those damn credit cards are good for......LOL


I will hold down the fort...too bad you cant make it...

Whats up Dustin, how's the training going with Jorge?

freestyle jiu-jit,

Going great!  We probably won't have a large team this year at the Arnold's, but:

  • With Dustin Hazelett fighting Rhalan Gracie on Friday
  • Rich Franklin fight "The Crow" on Saturday
  • and some of our higher ranking guys competing at the Arnold's

...we will be tired just from all the support we will be giving...That said, this could be a great weekend for our team.

Look forward to finally getting to meet you in person...do you have many from your school coming to compete?

- Dustin Ware


I'll be up there all weekend supporting and cornering guys from my club. Should be a fun weekend

Double post.

ill be there with bells and whistles on. cant wait

I might make it after all :) It gonna be rough but I think I'll make it for the pro no gi.Dustin hopefully I'll see you there.

Team Matamoros is leaving in 5 hours, we have about a dozen guys going. Hey Don, I'll see you in the pro division. If we go against each other, take it easy on me... I bruise easily.

i was pumped for the Ahh-nolds.  now, im sick.  we're still sending 5 to compete.  $$$ on Kizma button to win the pro division.  BIG Phil and Randy Bloom will be the best looking gents mat-side

I will be there...


Are the Mo-town peeps going to be at the fights tonight?  Also, do they have a place to watch the UFC on Saturday?

If not, they are more than welcome to come to my place...not sure how many I will have, but my Ground Zero family is always welcome!

Wish you could make it...get well.

- Dustin

I know you guys may be on the road already, but could someone post the results of the Rhalan (Relson's son) fight tonight with details? Thanks!