Who's gonna win CAIN OR JDS?!

This fight = KO both of these guys have ridiculous standup and Cain has the advantage in wrestling but JDS is a great scrapper... man I'm pumped for this fight!! Please post ur opinions and we will go more into detail for this fight !! Phone Post

Cain by elite level wrestling and superior cage generalship. He will push the pace, JDS will slow and Cain's superior work rate will be the decisive factor.

 no matter who wins they will fight again.

I see Cain winning also but JDS Is such a nasty fighter as in good lol Phone Post

JDS by devastating head kick KO in the first round. Phone Post

Cain by TKO when JDS runs out of steam in round 3 or 4.

Want JDS to win but think Cain will Phone Post

Cain by Mexecution. Phone Post

If it stays standing the JDS. If Cain plays by his gameplan rather than fall into a boxing match then Cain. Could go either way. I tend to lean towards Cain though.

Thank u guys for the replies this is my first thread lol I want Cain to win but JDS is a beast we will find out tmrw!! Phone Post

ShaqNoob - Cain by Mexecution. Phone Post

Haha lol Phone Post

I got Cain, I think he's the next great heavyweight. Phone Post

Yea u can't go wrong with Cain Phone Post

JDS all the way!!! Phone Post

I think you're crazy if you think jds wins this Phone Post


Cain Phone Post

Cain Phone Post

AsimpleFan - JDS by devastating head kick KO in the first round. Phone Post

Almost Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post