Who's Jeremy Horn WTF!

You gotta be fucking kidding me!

tuf noob

the guys has no cable and does not train at a gym. give him a break. I garuntee you he does not get this inside of his A$$ powerwashed out this season...

Needs to be shot.

So who is he


so UFc is so mainstream a dude without t.v. or cable or watching fights knows about the UFC and even more, knows that there is a cable show called TUF, and knows when and how to apply?

I'm calling BS on this story line.

Lots of people watch UFC that don't know who Jeremy is.

I don't think Jeremy would be offended, so why should you be?

don't think anyone is offended. just find it hard to believe.

After hearing him talk to himself, I buy it.

Fucking Jen's and Horn loved that. The guy (Corey) knows nothing, but he's totally dedicated. The best thing about a guy not knowing anything is that he doesn't have bad habits. Like horn said, he's just a raw lump of clay that has the potential to be just about anything.

TTT for Corey!

Could have been clever editing, but this just furthered my belief that Horn is TFM. How many people at his level would have clowned someone who was such a noob?

Instead, Jeremy seemed excited to work with the guy and impart any knowledge he could. Class act.

I've been a Horn fan for some time or at least I've never rooted against him in one of his fights.

It's not an insult to think that a younger fighter who trains more than he watches tv or surfs would't know him.

In it's own way it's sort of cool.

Damn... I still can't believe that he doesn't know who Horn is. WOW!!!


seriously, the guy is a sponge. he'll just soak up anything. I laughed my ass off when he didnt know who jeremy horn was..

horn handled it well, i think some fighter would have gotten an attitude and pulled the 'dont you know who i am'

i think horn sees big potential in corey, and i really hope he was serious about getting him to salt lake... with coreys height and reach, i think he could be a stud

so who the hell is the jiminy ho