Who's next for Gomi?

First off, for the record, I dont think anyone can touch BJ at LW so lets scratch him.

One of the interesting things though is the best LWs are either in the UFC (Edwards, Franca, Thomson, etc) and Shooto (Kawajiri, Shaolin, Hansen, Uno, etc).

Will Pride bring any of those guys in to fight Gomi or whats gonna happen, who can he fight in Pride?

I think Gomi and Sudo are friends so that fight will not happen but would Gomi fight any of the other Japanese guys? Didnt Gomi beat Uno in sub-grappling before?

What do you guys think?


He does have some goofy brows, maybe he should go no-brow like Chonan.

The rumor is that Kawajiri will be in the LW GP, and he could be a serious threat to beat Gomi. I'd actually favor Kawajiri in that fight, I think.

I find it hard to visulaize any LW defeating Gomi near term, even when considering Yves, Josh and Franca. BJ Penn will probably never fight at 155 again so he isn't really in the picture.

LW GP?!?!

In Pride, at 155 or 160 or...? When and who?









Thomson or Sudo

Does anyone know if LW is still an option for BJ? I think he said it is if the right fight is there.

For the record, there's alot of lightweights that can beat Penn, especially the Japanese.

Just wondering, Gomi mentioned in an interview once that he originally trained to be a boxer but his wrestling is just as good if not better. A few q's come to mind:

1) I know Gomi competed at many Combat Wrestling competitions but was he training with Kiguchi even while he was with K'z? Also, did he leave K'z just for the express purpose of fighting Sato who was his teammate and friend?

2) What is the history of his current coach, Kiguchi? I remember reading that Dick "The Destroyer" Beyers visited him bringing a team of young amateur wrestlers for an international meet, and also that satoru Sayama developed "Shoot Wrestling" with him, but I dunno why. He also wrote that he wrestled Dan Gable on his site.


Fightsport listed the rumored lineup, and Gryphon also talked about Kawajiri being rumored for the LW GP. The 6 rumored fighters are Kawajiri, Gomi, Mishima, Aurelio, Buscape, and Pulver.


The only one of those questions I can answer is that Gomi did leave K'z Factory because he knew he'd have a lot of trouble getting a title shot with Rumina in the same division.

I wonder if theres any way in hell sherk could make 160..

I disagree with rhodges again.

I'd like to see Pride bring in Yves, Franca, and
Thomson for the Grand Prix tourney

I think Yves would flying black pantherman kick Gomi
and KO him


Gomi has been kicked flush on the jaw before. He was back on his feet in 2 seconds.

Yea Gomi has a solid chin. I dont think Pride will get thompson. But I think (realitically) it will be







Imanari (they need some sort of darkhorse)

Uno/Hansen (not so realistic but pls pls pls!)


Aurelio will be in it. WK has a relationship with K-1 now, so Uno won't be in Pride.

Ryan G, Gomi has never been kicked in the jaw by Yves

If that happens...Gomi won't get up


IMO, they def. need at least one of the UFCs LWs in there to make it legit.

Who wants to see a Uno/Franca rematch btw?










Gomi mentioned in an interview once that he originally trained to be a boxer but his wrestling is just as good if not better.

  • so does that mean he only started grappling as an MMA prospect or in sub/combat wrestling?

He didnt start out freestyle then moved to MMA/subwrestling?

If i'm not wrong, Jens fought in some professional boxing matches. Give credit to Gomi for outboxing Jens.

I would love to see Little Evil vs. Crazy Horse...

"I wonder if theres any way in hell sherk could make 160.."

Sure, he could. Sherk only cuts 8-10 pounds to make 170. I wouldn't doubt that some 155ers naturally weigh more than him.