Who's Nick Miskovic?

I don't think I've ever seen him grapple, does anybody have some info?

His style is sublime and ethereal. What else do you want to know?

I think he's from Hamilton School of MA. He's skilled
on the mat. He's better at grappling without the gi
from what I recall.

If anyone has ever seen BACKYARD Wrestling on Direct TV then they know who he is. He's the guy that did the famous bob-wire death cage match and the guy who poured all the tacks on the ground and rolled in them. He also did a small cameo on JACKASS a few times for when Steve-O was to scared to actually take a few bumps and bruises.

kashk..wtf...didn't you say you know who this guy is on the ranked forum


Kashk, you got nothing to worry about, he does karate...he just started grappling.

He did train at Hamilton school of martial arts, however, I think he has been training at Joslins. Maybe, someone from Joslins can confirm.

Nick is da man

Nik Miskovic is a surfer/porn star who road a huge wave all the way from California to Hamilton harbour while toking on a water bong the entire time.

He decided he liked Canada and elected to stay there. Only one problem.. no porn studios! So, he did the closest thing to it... Grappling!

His game was strong, but he really picked up the pace when he met a virtual carbon copy of himself in Kingston...Eddie Bravo. The two of them sat in my hotel room and discussed very strange things through a cloud of haze (It must have been foggy that night in Kingston), until they reached a fundamental understanding of the universe... seconds later they forgot what it was, and spent the rest of the night in search of monotany.

THAT is who Nick Miskovic is.

Kashk stop trolling

Let's put it this way... Nik's personality is a combination of Dave Spicolli from Fast Times at Ridgemount High, Bill S Preston Esq from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, with a little bit of Barney Rubble from the Flintstones... However, don't let this fool you. The man is a trained killer. One poke to the forehead, and you'll have a slow and painful death, just like the vulcan death grip.

Aguzzi, just train, play your game and may the better grappler win.

Kashk on 1 forum you said pure bull and now your saying more bull, gee your full of bull

Everytime I see Nick, it makes wanna sing "Kumbaya".

Seriously though, Nick has some sick moves on the mat, only a fool would consider him lightly.

Aguzzi, how am I saying "bull" on this post? You are implying that I have said something intentionally deceitful on this thread, which is not the case.

The reason I posted this was that I could see that the thread in the ranked forum was getting to you, and I didn't want to psych you out.

Hopefully if we meet at the event, you wont hit me with your famous left hook.