Who's this new trainer ?

that's coming on TUF ? Serra say's that he does'nt respect him because he bad mouth's fighters yet does'nt fight ? Sounds like it could be any of a hundred people from the UG.

Laimon of course... coached previous seasons in grappling and makes an arse of himself when cornering fighters

marc laimon

"Judo throws don't work."

  • Marc Laimon

^^^^^ Yes smart ass - I did'nt hear his name mentioned. All I heard was Serra's comments. Did'nt realize that it was Laimon.

Serra would most likely own laimon in pure grappling.

I'll take Serra over Laimon any day.

Laimon is quickly becoming a joke which is the way he should have been viewed for years now. Ya dissed him before, and you get banned. But you can dis him now that other fighters do it. Baroni is 100% right that NO fighter has gotten better under Laimon and he's a loudmouth idiot who is probably the worst cornerman of all time.

Coleman's not that awful a cornerman. I remember when he was cornering Randleman once he was screaming "knees to the head" over and over again for 5 minutes. When Randleman finally listened to him, he won in like 15 seconds.

Laimon, DUH!

Serra would OWN Laimon.

Serra would own him in grappling and in a fight he would......damn almost forgot there would never be a fight because laimon doesnt like to get hit in his face:)

Do you like getting hit in the face?

Dont really enjoy it all that much:)but i am willing to take that chance.Laimon isnt, but thinks he can run his mouth about other people who "Actually" are fighters.I'm not talking about a comment on a fight....im talking about how he degrades fighters with shitty jokes as if he knows he could do better.He makes a joke and then comments "that could never happen to him"....and it wont...because he's already rode the backs of real fighters to his glory without having to take a punch.Its like someone making fun of your Muay Thai boxing when they are a tai bo instructor.What a fucking cock stand he is:)

Laimon=Lame on IMO

CRE is correct

Serra's dislike is correct.