Whose road to Featherweight Gold was more impressive; Conor’s or Ilia’s?

  • McGregor
  • Topuria
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Max and Dustin were good wins. But max was a child. Dustin wasn’t who he is now yet

I voted Topuria. Beating Mitchell and Emmett wee big wins at the time

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Also Topuria’s win over Volk was far more impressive than Conor’s win over aldo


Both Aldo and Volk were THE long reigning, dominant champs. Yet McG won in a mere 13 seconds - and most of us thought he’d lose.

I find Topuria so complete that I suspect he’ll be dominant for as long as he wants, but I voted McG here. His rise was crazy. Though, unless Topuria loses his mind or quits, at kleast he’ll defend his belt! But the rise, McG.

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One can argue the 13 second KO was a fluke. That 13 second KO only happens to Aldo 1 out of 100 times.

As for Topuria, he completely outclassed Volk. Showed a massive speed and boxing advantage.

Top’s win over Volk was more impressive. To me

It was definitely a low percentage ko.
But connor baited that out of Aldo for months. Taunting, insulting and getting in Aldos head. He knew Aldo would come out firing bombs immediately. And he was prepared for that.

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Conor made a far greater impression!

The way he spoke and did what he did, almost like a prophet.

I have been a mma/vale Tudo/NHB addict since 1995, Conor’s run was one of a kind!


I don’t like the guy, but the winner is clearly and easily Conor

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Conor. Mendes and Aldo were #1 and #2. Although perhaps Frankie had a claim to #2 but close enough. Emmet was not on Mendes’ level.

Topuria will almost certainly have a defense or 2 however.

One caveat is that Aldo cancelling the first bout forced Connor and the UFC to give Connor a legit contender in Mendes. Yes Mendes wasn’t training but Connor was also injured.

Without that, Connor had a pretty curated path to the title without having faced a top 5 guy such as full camp Mendes, Edgar, Lamas, or any other of the many wrestlers in the top 10/15. Connor legitimized his shot with the Mendes win.

Both had easy roads. Look at Arnold Allen, he was given Max Holloway then that undefeated goat fucker. You give Topuria both and he could easily lose to both

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Another mark against Topuria is that Volk had just been KO’d and came back too quick. Not sure it woulda made a huge diff but it def helped Topuria.