why am I constantly hungry?

I am trying to improve my diet but honestly I am CONSTANTLY hungry. I can eat until I am full and then I am hungry again just shortly after.

My diet is currently terrible but I am making efforts to improve it. Let me rephrase. I AM GOING to improve it. No reason why I couldn't have a healthy diet.

In the passed 2 years or so after going through messy divorce I have gained about 20 pounds and really lost all motivation. I used to train spiratically but never do now. I weighed bet 155 & 160 before and now am bet 185 and 190 (5ft 10 / 27 years old).

Why am I always hungry?

I don't eat any meat other than fish. I just don't have a good eating schedule, know nothing about metabolism, and want to get healthy and lose all of this flat.

all help greatly appreciated

If you are overeating out of hunger, and it's not because of your eating schedule, it could be insulin- or serotonin- related. get blood work and talk to a doc.