Why are flights 2 AC so expensive?

I was thinking about attending the next UFC becasue it'd probably be cheaper than a Vegas but flights & hotels there are outrageous.

Is AC ususally this expensive?

Because Philly is the closest big airport and it costs extra to fly to the small AC one.


yeah, I was planning on flying to AC from Chicago. I figured this would be an easy trip. guess not.

thanks for the info.

it should be cheap as hell.. that place is a shithole.

that's what I heard too, slondeau.

i thought AC was hurting for business the past few years. you would think it'd be cheaper to fly in. oh well.

The only thing nice there are the casinos,the rest is ghetto.

fly into Newark or Philly

fly to philly its cheap.

do a search on SEPTA and NJ transit for public transportation fromn Philly airport to AC.

Try Spirit Airlines. They fly into there and are pretty cheap.

Fly into Newark, JFK, or Philadelphia and take a train to AC.

Philadelphia is only about an hour or so away driving to AC. There are plentiful trains to and from Philly, and free shuttles to the casinos from the AC train station. Makes a lot more sense than flying into the tiny little AC airport.


You'll have a longer drive from the other two, but you can also take a train from those as well, though you might not be able to find a direct line as easily.

I'm thinking I'm just gonna wait until Vegas then. What a jip.

Thanks guys!