Why buy UFC 72?

There are no actual fights that make me want see the fight and not just see the spoiler on sherdogs main page.

Franklin vs. Okami is the only one that I really care about and even then it was only on the car because that Kampman pulled out.

If they had put Nog vs. Sylvia on this card it would have been one to buy

I will

I was excited about Tyson Griffin vs Clay Guida when I thought it was on Spike but yeah, Franklin vs Okami is a better main event but the rest of the card is still garbage. I skip a few events a year and sometimes I regret it when the lackluster bouts on paper deliver but this is one I'll skip for sure.

I agree, you should totally not buy it.

The UFC will continue to be BOXIFIED, with very mediocre undercards and the occasional very exciting and intriguing main event.

This card lacks that main event.

Good post, Canuck.

At the end of the day, I always end up watching the PPVs. Hell, it took me five seasons of TUF to finally stop watching that. I am sure I'll keep watching the PPVs for a while longer.

I still think it's going to end up like boxing. Boxing has up-and-comers on their PPV undercards as well, but these young boxers aren't as known to their fan base as the young MMAers are. Perhaps it's due to the availability of the MMAers, or perhaps it's due to superior marketing. Either way, I believe that that is the only real difference.

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