Why can fighters walk out with flags anymore?

Dana was asked at the press conference however the answer was deflected

Probably cuz of Russia.


To keep the Chinese and ruskies happy

Waits for the anti-cancel culture crowd accuse BLAF of cancel culture.

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No, go fuck yourself



Do we consider that a tuck bro? I was seriously curious. China doesn’t want Taiwanese flags, Russia doesn’t want Ukranian flags but:

  1. which fighters were gonna bear those esp tonight?
  2. you think Russia is such a major stakeholder to Zuffa?
  3. you know that it’s your country’s powerful people that don’t want to see Russian flags
  4. Zuffa doesn’t want to see any war rah rah from anyone really but it’s mainly #3
  5. didn’t think you were such s-flake, sorry

Oh whatta u know…

Bivol not allowed to have his hometown announced or have a flag tonight…total bullshit all this flag gayness…

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Diehard American who thinks cancelling Russian flags is pretty much the lamest shit of all time…if you think that proves shit except that your culture is weak then you are a moron. The competition is suppose to sort that out for everyone. This what happens when warriors are controlled by homos in suits.


I agree. Sports is supposed to a neutral/non-political exhibition…but we know that’s not the reality either but I don’t agree with the Bivol thing one bit.

Can we also agree Hillbo don’t know wtf he’s talking about? :joy:

Im so patriotic it pisses me off to see Urijah Faber standing in front of the Chinese flag when Song Yadong wins. Something about that doesnt sit well with me…call me old fashioned!

That’s just as stupid as what say your against. If your my team mate and your American, wtf does it matter?


Still would never cancel a flag…top tier lameness!

Respect your honesty but it’s hypocritical af.

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Yeah, I know I would probably not agree to train him.

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Remember, Urijah has the World Class MMA team, not me! I own my faults.

so is it china or russia ?