Why Coleman will fail

I'm as big a fan of the Hammer as any, but the UFC hasn't exactly seen a lot of success from its early stars returning to the Octagon.

Tank, Ken, Royce, even Severn vs Rizzo - history doesn't favour Coleman coming back, beating the odds and beating the younger, up and coming guy.

It's worthy of note no?

Coleman without roids?= no success.

Coleman is gonna lose because of the weight advantage Brock is gonna have.Coleman literally looked like he was walking around at 215.I remeber he did an interview after the Fedor fight were he mentioned it was hard keeping on weight and he would like to fight at 205.
Lesnar is gonna have 50 lbs on him after the weigh-ins.Coupled with his own Wrestling that is gonna cancel out Colemans

Aw, c'mon! You know Coleman has re-invented himself and will come out with improved striking and submission skills.

Oh wait,no he won't. He'll be an older version of the same fighter he's always been.

I still remember when people were saying he was too old right before he won the 2000 GP.

coleman isnt a very big guy these days...i saw him at the arnolds this weekend...very, very cool dude though

He's in his forties fighting a guy with the same skillset. If Coleman had added new skills over all these years it would be different. I'll still root for Coleman, but this is a gimme fight for Lesnar. I'm pretty sure that's the point of the fight.

Coleman "failing" is the whole point here, as far as the UFC is concerned.

Honestly, I love Coleman! I am probably his biggest fan! And I am not looking forward to him getting beat up. I love it that he is making a comeback, just not against Lesnar. :'( This is going to suck!

So Coleman destroys Severn back in the day.

Is history going to repeat itself?

I just hope we don't see a 40 year old Tito come back and fight a new up and comer.