Why did ONLY Noah get mail?

honestly, Dana manipulated this whole thing so that Shamrock's team had a chance...

and then he made us miss a fucking fight for it...bastard!

ps. obviously Noah is not going to viewed as a hero...wtf?

True, everyone should get a letter....They should of gave him a gun to shoot himself!

yeah, something's fishy about this mystery envelope.

i guess the girl got it through as an "emergency" letter

Dana can smell weakness.

crybaby faygottt!

He even insinuated that it might be worse than a car accident. how f'n pathetic that is.

so emergency mail is cool?...couldn't someone abuse this in the next TUF show? (ie. Lindland's camp sends a letter to Baroni's camp part way through the show (if Baroni was in it))

surely they have to screen somehow...

It makes me sick that someone could think that a chick saying dumb stuff could be compared to a car accident or death of a parent

I'm convinced that the fighter's family has Zuffa's contact information in case of emergencies. Family members would be calling in with bad news, not passing secret sealed messages :(

Fuck Noah and his sliiizzzuttt!

If his girlfriend wasn't fucking around on him before, she will be when she sees what a fag pussy he is.

boo hoo my girlfriend of 6 months might leave me boo hoo.


how do you know other fighters aren't allowed mail? they just said they can't use the phone.

That is the best, Tyson!

Bwahahahahahaaa!!! Nice chop!

Fighters aren't allowed any outside contact - email, phone, anything. Clearly a lame and obvious manipulation on the part of the show's producers.

Ring Girl ... Please you think they knew that Noah would cry and leave the
show? Perhpas the homoerotic shapely gotee could have tipped them off
to his pussiness, however even a pussy would have stuck around through
that drama.

The fact that he RECEIVED the letter was an obvious manipulation.