Why do you like BJ?

For me, it's a great stress-reliever after a hard day... ;)

same here HA

I am a fan of the 'Stink Finger' personally.

Vasoline leaves a bad taste in the mouth of a BJ artist

...but seriously though... besides from him being a super-talented bjj artist, why do all the BJ nuthuggers worship him, and STILL put him up there with the likes of Anderson, Fedor, and GSP for P4P King? I mean the guy always talks smack before the fight, not respectful of opponents win or lose, ALWAYS has an excuse and BITCHES when he loses. Sure he got his bb and won the mundials in 4 years, but it ain't like he got anything to do but train. To me, he's a spoiled insecure rich kid used to getting his way. BJ needs to realize that if he chooses to portray himself in this manner, as a sh!t-talking blowhard, he's gonna get sh!t in return by fight-fans, when he can't back it up.

I think that besides from being dominant fighters, Anderson, Fedor, and GSP have respect for the sport and their opponents.