Why Does Bellator Not SIgn Alessio Sakara?

It's the racism. Phone Post 3.0

SensoriaUtopia - Lupo, Sakara is a wonderful offensive fighter still, and he is capable of putting on fun fights, but with his multiple ko's, and especially in his recent fights, do you think it's still wise for him to keep going at it?

Not suggesting he retire if he don't want too, that is Sakara's choice to make, not some person on a MMA forum, just asking an honest question on a critical topic here.

If he changed his approach a bit, and fought more like Bisping, he would be very successful and not take the damage he does by just planting his feet and swinging. 

He even mentioned this in an interview. He said that he knows what to do, but once he's in there, he wants to put on the kind of fight he would like to see as a fan. 

If you ask Weidman about his toughest fight in the UFC, he'll tell you it was Sakara. 

ive sparred with Sakara before. His jabs feel like finishing shots

Because Italians are just wanna be Greeks and they make for shitty fighters.