Why does Dana hate Matt Linland?


Seriously there is no good reason for him NOT to be signed with the UFC???

What did he do to make the UFC write him off for good?

The fact that a great fighter like Linland isn't in 185lbs mix, is a perfect example of what's wrong with current MMA promotion format. It's worse right now than boxing has ever been in terms of the best guys not being able to fight each other.

way off. we just saw two of the best fight each other. How often does that actually happen in boxing? Both fighters tonight held belts in different orgs.

"way off. we just saw two of the best fight each other. How often does that actually happen in boxing?"

it's happens all the time in boxing!!!! De La Hoya Mayweather, Marquez vs. Vasquez 3 (which was tonight), Pavlik vs. Taylor, Mosely vs. Cotto, Hatton vs. Mayweather.

You are seriously crazy if you think the MMA format is conducive to putting together the best fights.

Fighters aren't owned by seperate proprietary organizations in boxing. Any match can be made. The current MMA format means no Fedor, Randy, Barnett, Linland, Gomi, F. Shamrock, and list goes, in the UFC hence the best fights can't be made.

"Both fighters tonight held belts in different orgs."

Henderson "held" a belt in a now defunct org and Silva holds a belt.

"I think the point is fighters aren't as protected in MMA as they are in boxing. 30-0 just doesn't happen in MMA."

That's true. A boxer gets to fight 30 bums build himself and look invincible, but that wasn't really the point of my thread. I want to see all the great fighters able to fight each, and not tied to orgs.

"Because he smells like a bum's asshole."

Well I guess that settles it...

Dan gave up position because he was trying to stike....Matt would default to take downs and GNP...

Because he's heavily involved with the IFL?

because Dana White doesn't understand fighting

As good as he is, he isn't very marketable. I'm pretty sure that's why they cut him before he had a shot at Franklin.

Because Lindland had his chances already and literally KOed himself. He cheated againts Busta and lost two title fights in one fight =D.

Also losing to Rampage and Fedor doesnt make your stock go up.

Because he wouldn't kiss Dana's ass.

"Also losing to Rampage and Fedor doesnt make your stock go up."

Except that he was fighting up one and two weight divisions, respectively, in those fights. There's no one in MW that would beat Page (not even Anderson, which is why he hasn't gone up instead of cutting from 218), let alone Fedor.

Lindland is a ASSHOLE.. That's why Dana/UFC don't like him. He can't beat Silva anyway. Hell, he can't beat Henderson ether. Get off Lindland's nuts.. He's an average fighter with great skills. He's been beaten, submitted and KO'd. He's never been superman. Did you nuts forget about Bustamante submitting him twice? Rampage? Feder? Terrell? He's a good fighter. Gotten old, and not in demand. He complains, whines, bitches, and is a headache. That's why the UFC cut him.

He fine where he is and maybe later, if he and Silva are in the same place they fight. Silva KO'd him early.

when liddel beat couture he fought and said over the pa he wanted a title shot and dana said he would get one then i dont think he has fought in the ufc since....i really dont care for the knockout and blood marketing the promotions and the usa fans like to see linland is a very good fighter who gets left behind because his style don't fit the prototype..

I'm not a fan but IMO he is the #1 MW Contender and the only guy who has a CHANCE to beat Silva

Dana resented the fact that Matt wore a sponsors shirt during the weigh-ins (I think when he fought Baroni) that was not considered appropriate.


Cause Matt speaks the truth, and he is against dana and his exclusive contracts that tie fighters down.

If anything Matt should hate Dana , he's a pretty good guy for holding no grudges.

my guess is that lindland is hard to deal with and dana doesn't like him as a person