Why does Sonnen get another shot?

I see why shogun got a rematch as well as BJ, but why Sonnen? He did not lose a close decision. He was Choked out. Sure he was winning the fight right up until he tapped, but so was Shane Carwin. Where is his rematch. Im not trying to sound anti Sonnen I like him alot but I just dont see the logic.


I think the fact that Sonnen showed that he could beat Silva combined with the fact that there is not another clear challenger means a rematch for Sonnen.

Cuz he is the mother fucking man! that's why! He mopped the floor with that fool and he's gonna do it again!

prays chael doesn't get caught in another sub Phone Post

Wait, what?

easy money, easy/lazy matchmaking

Because it was an epic fight and an enormous number of fans want to see it.

my guess is because he kicked ass for 23 minutes of a 25 minute fight.

It was a great fight which left people wanting more. I'm excited for it!

Carwin fight doesn't compare as Carwin gassed after 1 round in a 5 round fight, whereas Chael was beating the shit out of Silva for 4 1/2 rounds. Shane in no way deserves a rematch; that's moron logic.

They need to strike while the iron is hot. Don't want to watch it? Don't buy the PPV.

That fight was epic. I was rooting for Silva but Chael's performance was inspiring. I will be rooting for Chael in the rematch.

My problem with the immediate rematch is what if Chael wins, but its due to a bad stoppage or scorecard. This will lead to Silva vs Sonnen III ASAP.

This means we could see 3 PPVs where Silva fights the same guy 3 times in almost 2 years.

I agree that Silva - Belford should happen, and should have already. Seeing Vitor KTFO Anderson would make the world a better place!

That said..

Chael does deserve a rematch. He was dominating that fight until he fucked up. He even rocked Anderson on the feet! Lets do it again and see what each guy does different.

Other than Vitor, its the only fight that really matters for Anderson right now.

I have to admit I'm afraid that might have been Chael's chance though. For some reason I dont see him being that dominate against Silva again.

I hope I'm wrong.

And if for no other reason.. the UFC should be wanting Anderson to lose. I know I do.

Because Chael got choked out and finished by Silva in the first fight.
Wait a sec...

Money. Phone Post

"Bit of a difference losing in round 2 due to gassing vs losing in the 23rd minute of nonstop domination."

Easy answer. Plus he prevailed in the striking too. But a lot of people have trouble handling it. The main reason I can see against a rematch is that Sonnen is so superior it was a boring match and likely will be again. It was a mismatch. Sonnen always could take a minute off and just sit there to be subbed again, but that doesn't mean it will be a competitive fight.

Everyone on the planet wants to see Anderson fight Shogun or Belfort. No one is clamoring to see him fight Sonnen again.

I am

I remember when being the champion meant being THE ULTIMATE CAGEFIGHTING WARRIOR.

Now it's all about the monies. How fickle we have all become. Phone Post

Silva fans say they want to see Silva vs Belfort because they know that's a perfect matchup for Silva.., a hyper aggressive brawler that Silva can use his speed and counter striking against.

I don't understand. On this very thread you have people pointing out that Sonnen also won the standup in the fight. Belfort is infinitely better than Chael on the feet, much faster, and with much more power.

The usual argument against Anderson is that he has NOT beaten any good strikers.

Did someone just call Belfort a "brawler'?