Why hate on a fighter...

because of what their obnoxious fans say. I'm seeing this more and more often nowadays, but it really is unnecessary. Fedor is one of the guys I see get it the most. I understand that many people that aren't fans of him and others get tired of hearing people go on and on with posts they don't agree with but it is wrong to attack the fighter themselves. Guys like Fedor, Randy, Dan Henderson, as well as many of the pride guys coming to UFC are all class acts who represent the sport in a positive manner and still get bashed by people here just because they didn't like what a fan of these fighters posted on an online board.

I realize I'm new here but I've been a casual reader of this site for a while even though I never set up an account and it just seems to be getting worse.

Fedor wants to do other things besides UFC. UFC wants Fedor to be like thier fucking slave. Dana White is a greedy mother fucker.

If Dana wants him that bad to not fight Sambo or whatever else he wants to do, they better show him the fucking money. Money talks. Give him 10 million for a fight, then Fedor wont do sambo. Dana is cheap