Why Hendo left the UFC

The winner of Franklin/Hendo vs Bisping was told he would get a title shot.

The reality is UFC wanted Bisping to win and have him be the first English man to fight for a UFC belt.

However that didnt happen. Hendo won. That honor was given(gifted) to Hardy down the line.

Instead the UFC decided to give Vitor Belfort a title shot.

Hendo saw this as a joke as he was the last man to beat Vitor.

Hendo brought this up at a meeting and Dana was unaware that fight had even occured.

It also had to do with money.

Hendo was disrespected by Zuffa and Dana Whites tweet after the Shields fight showed his true colors.

Hendo however has gone on to knock out two top notch lhws and knock out the best hw of all time.

 It's Hendo week on the UG.

Man i feel for Hendo. He should have pulled out of the Shields fight, he was in no condition to fight. That loss really hurt his resume