Why is Bisping such a favorite?

Any predictions I see has Bisping owning Hammill tonight.

Maybe I am wrong, but I haven't seen enough out of Bisping yet to warrant all these heavy predictions in his favor. Remember, he got rocked by Elvis and could have been finished. He is also facing an unreal wrestler in Hammill who may keep Bisping on his back the whole fight.

I think Hammill has a much more legit shot than people think.

Agreed. This is a fight that goes in either direction and neither fighter has dominated or beaten enough quality opponents for one to have a huge advantage over the other. Outside of Bisping being the UK posterboy for the UFC

Aside form the obvious tuf thing and who would have won, bisping didn't look that great against schaffer. He seems to have trouble with good wrestlers and since hamil doesn't have much striking or submission it'll be a good experience for bisping to advance as a fighter. he should get the KO tho.

hammill has not heard anything of the sort

Because bisping is over rated.

hammill has not heard anything of the sort
- nice

"Overrated is a function of fan boy obsession.
Bookmakers don't suffer from that problem because it's their livelihood.

Now ask yourself why Bisping is a -275 favorite."

I would just like to point out that if tonight taught us anything it is that Bisping was vastly over rated.

"^^ Not if you UNDERRATED Hamill.
So try again."

Bisping got beat up by a guy throwing an ugly lunging jab with his right hand glued to his hip. Nothing Hamill did was all that impressive save some takedowns. Bisping just had nothing to over for Hamills poor standup and limited ground game. Hamill was not under-rated. Bisping was definately over rated.

Besides according to you I wouldn't think bookmakers would suffer from under rating a guy, it being their proffesion and all.

Hamill won, Bisping is a bitch assed punk!!

I want to fight him, and I'll cut 35 lbs to do so. If he wants to move up a few LBS, lets do it. Disgraceful fool.