Why is everyone crying re: Mauro?

When I was listening to him commentate the fights, the Randleman fight for example, I agreed with everything I heard him saying. I thought it was a boring fight. There was nothing overly negative about his commentary, he's a fan just like us.

He says that "all the MMA message boards have lost all credibility"...how can anyone argue with that statement? Bas agrees with him.

Some of the things that have been being said about Mauro, and especially some of the things that have been said about Oymama, such as "Oyama should be killed" prove Mauro's point.

I'm disapointed that Kirik allows comments like that to remain on his message board. I'll give Kirik the benefit of the doubt that he hasn't had time to properly moderate this board. Death wishes on a famous MMA coach is intolerable for this sport.

While I may not agree with the sentiment...it is freedom of speech to make statements like that about Oyama. You can't honestly say that you believe people really want that to happen.

I don't think there's a need for moderation there.

How long has Mauro been commentating MMA fights? How long have some of us been here, especially the 4+ years folks? How can he possibly think that our opinions don't matter? He should be thankful that he has a huge base of intelligent fans to critique him!

That said, there are a lot of jackholes on this forum, so I do think something needs to be done about that.

Charmcity, you're obviously a newbie here. Kirik's rule is to talk to a fighter/coach as if they were standing right in front of you.

Oyama doesn't need death threads, and Mauro is correct about the message boards I think.

Matt, the message boards make up a VERY small portion of the PPV buyers.

Ranallo on the Arona - Lister fight:

"Half of the submissions were sloppy at best..." (MMAWeekly)

renallo has gotta realise that he's not just a fan like everyone else, he is a fight commentator who has to do his job and make the fights interesting whether it means making it sound exciting or giving interesting commentary or facts in the meantime. It does not mean bitching 100% of the time and making the ppv sound worse than it is. The guy speaks japanese, has access to all the fighters, the hoopla, the interviews and still does nothing but whine.

Then he calls us uneducated fight fine, thats all well and good but its his job to educate us.

Rogan is better than Mauro by a country mile, even the dog improved more than mauro has in the two events that they kept him on for.

if his commentary was as bad as people are saying he will be fired

we can only hope

"Matt, the message boards make up a VERY small portion of the PPV buyers."

In the case of the UFC, yes. In the case of Pride, NO. They get like 5,000 buys, right? Of course it's impossible to know for sure, but the numbers suggest that Pride is heavily supported by the die hard fans. Most of those die hard fans will be on MMA message boards at some point.

LOL at Mauro. Of course he said that and most of the stuff here is shit. However there are still a lot of angry fans that bought the PPV and are sending e-mails to Pride so the message board itself may not have any relevance but the fans do.

Definitely Pride relies on the hardcores quite a bit for their NA PPV buys. They simply have no clue how to tap into the masses in NA like UFC does.

Mauro completely sucks as an announcer and he certainly takes away from the excitement of the event.

I just don't think Mauro brings anything to the pride broadcast. The fight professor was always talking about various facts and MMA related stories etc., Mauro barely even knows the sport let alone little known facts and interesting stories. I assume he thinks he is better simply because of the way he speaks, or his look or something because he certainly does not bring more information about the fighters or MMA in general

UFCtrojan - I saw something a while back that actually quoted 3000 buys. It is a low low number whatever it actually is.

Man if I'm buying a dud I want to be told I'm buying a dud. I hate it when I buy a shitcone and someone tells me it is an icecream cone.

I think he did a great job.



" Man if I'm buying a dud I want to be told I'm buying a dud."

Really? You can't figure it out for yourself?

He didn't need to say "My god, this is the best fight ever!" but there are a lot of things commentators can do to make a fight or event MORE exciting or enjoyable, rather than go out of their way to make it seem even worse than it actually is.

Although I dont really like him all that much, Mauro and Oyama are the new Danas of the UG.

Just another haterish fixation, what can you say?

If the fights had been worthwhile the commentary would not be under the damn microscope.


He could have had a whole shitload of facts and tidbits to throw in and it wouldnt have helped those fights be any more enjoyable. It isnt his fault they sucked so bad . He was just pointing out the truth whether they like it or not.

And he right about the message boards on the internet too. The I.Q. level of the new posters seems to be at a new all time low these days.