Why is Randleman SO bad?

I haven't seen a finish like that since Pat Smith vs whoever at what, UFC 3?

it was obviously a fix, watch the fight

Randleman had been training with submission guys in Vegas for this fight. I think his problem is that when he gets into the ring he just doesn't think. I don't know if it's because he gets nervous or too fired up or what. I think it's more of a mental thing than a lack of prepartion.

Dude..he got subbed by a standing guillotine.... a standing guillotine.
That'd be like a guillotine from the guard, but standing......

Like um.... yeah Johnny Rhodes lost to that in UFC 2.

Have you ever seen Sparring Chronicles.. or any of the other tapes that show them training...except for the pathetic/simplistic training with Obake, the training always was 15-20 minutes of standing pummbling..takedown work..maybe some pad striking...
when they got a takedown, they just stood back up.

It's sad.
Its the mental equivelent of the Karate guys who lost in the early UFC's but wouldn't learn grappling.

Maybe he just doesn't respect the submission game.

I remember watching an old UFC, possibly the one where he fought Couture. Randleman pretty much stated that only another wrestler would be able to beat him and not a sub guy.

ortiz and miletech lost to standing guillotines. and yea, randleman is proally the stupidest mma'er

When did Ortiz lose to a standing Guillotine? Metzger had him in the guard, and militech? when did he lose?
Just curious.... can't seem to remember any.

Cop did NOT even jump to Closed Guard to secure it! He just used ALL MUSCLE!

1st of all Randellman dosen't need to be fighting Heavyweights.
He is a natural Lightheavy but blows
up to compete with heavys.

2nd of all spending 1 month with Mark Laimon is not gonna
make you a great fighter were as Cro cop is doing it everday probably with a camp/team.

3rd of all he needs to join Milietich.Coleman did and listened to everything that Pat said and won the Grand Prix.

Not sure if something happened there cause Coleman hasn't trained there since then and never mentions Miletich when talking about training somewhere.It's only 1 state away too