why is ribeiro no. 1?

I have seen vitor shaolin ribeiro as no. 1 on many list...checked out his record

he decisioned a few good guys and subbed hansen, who beat gomi...would this make him no. 1?

can anyone shed some light on this for me?

because getting choked out in under a minute in ADCC does
not count towards your MMA standings.


It is generally accepted that Shooto has the best lightweights.

Shaolin is the lightweight Shooto champion.

I personally do not put him at #1 but can understand the logic behind it.

Well he was #2. For some reason people feel you can only be rnaked at one weight despite the fact that guys fight at different weight classes all the time. So they stoped ranking BJ at 155 so Shaolin becomes #1 by default.