Why is Robert Ferguson...

 on my tv telling an auditorium full of people that pork chops, collard greens, cornbread, fried chicken, pizza and similar food is fat burning food that they can eat as much of as they want and get slim?

I tried to explain to my woman who Robert Ferguson is and his UG legacy, but all I could really convey was that he used to be on that forum she knows I frequent and that he was a clown who talked a lot of bull.  It was hard to explain his comedic greatness to someone without spending a half hour on the ox doc dick tuck, the gracie match, the prince of leglocks debate, etc...

this thread has potential

The Oxnard Doc thing was classic.


 He was playing for Green Bay and took a terrific clothesline from Donovin Darius of Tampa Bay back in 2004.

                                        Robert Ferguson gets it in the neck

                                                               See ya later, alligator

i know ferg and he' a good guy. Self promoter though all the way. I saw this too. He is supposed to be on the morning news tomorrow AM

Fergulcutt was a comedic genius.When i first saw his infomercial,I thought it was damon wyans doing his major payne character.

 Oxnard Doc was a man on a mission! Definitely a top 10 UG moment.

Damn, the ferg follies, that takes me back! The old submissionfighting.com days!

Ferg Follies is the greatest thing in the history of man.

The Prince once did a grappling tournament here in Colorado and forgot to bring the medals.

Said he would mail them later.  Never did.