Why is the RioHeroes site closed?

I want to give them my money and they're closed! Does anyone know why their sites are down?

Also, does anyone know anything further on that guy that lost by puking all over himself in the finals of #14?

Someone from Brazil came on here after the last show and said the media was doing a investigation on RioHeros maybe they got shutdown for good.

lol is rioheros that NHB organization in brasil? They were bound to get shut down eventually

If that's the case they better sell more DVDs to cover their legal bills.


Maybe because Vale Tudo is illegal?

I heard it had something to do with people betting on the fights, which is illegal in Brazil. vale tudo isn't illegal in Brazil, not that RioHeroes was VT anyway.

Rio Heroes was the closest thing to real Vale Tudo you'll see these days.  Everything that was legal in IVC was legal in RH except groin shots.  Too damn bad about the illegal betting.  Don't the authorities in Brazil have any real crimes with real victims to go after?  Nobody gets murdered in Brazil?  Nobody gets robbed?  Nobody gets raped?  Why can't those fat pigs chase real criminals and leave real men alone?  Oh right, they're too fricking fat to chase much of anything.

TTT with Rio Heroes!

How recent was this? They just had an event 2 weeks ago!

crooklyn is right. it had to do with the gaming involved. one of the
first tips was from the howard stern show.

it was shutdown in sao paulo, brazil as that is where the fights took
place (no rio) but they will probably resurface again.

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