" Why More Fighters Don’t Become Referees or Judges " - Twinkletoes

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UFC Hall of Famer Frank Trigg joins the latest episode of The Fighter vs. The Writer as he discusses his move into acting as well as refereeing since calling it a career.

Most recently, Trigg can be seen in the popular Disney+ series “The Book of Boba Fett” where he stars alongside Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen in a show that follows the exploits of the infamous bounty hunter in a new “Star Wars” spinoff.

Trigg details how he got involved with the show as well as the success he’s found since transitioning into stunt work since his retirement from fighting.
The former UFC welterweight title contender will also discuss how he got involved in refereeing in the state of California where he was recently spotted as the third man in the octagon at UFC 270 in Anaheim.

Trigg also explains why it’s not likely that more fighters will follow in his footsteps to get into refereeing or judging in mixed martial arts.

All this and much more on the latest edition of The Fighter vs. The Writer.

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Guessing because it pays shit money, and puts them in position to get a ton of shit from everyone? That’s the easy answer…tough to go from making huge money fighting to making a few hundred bucks. In the northeast judges were making like $100 per event when I was involved in running shows…and they’d have to be in the rotation to be considered for the bigger events…so why would someone like Kenny Florian work for $100 a night several times per year so that he can referee the UFC every once in a while?

There u have it

wait what

Being a Judge is a thankless job. You spend a lot of time away from your family due to the driving if you’re regional for very little money. With that being said, I’m glad that a former Pioneer of MMA is an Official.

I think one of his fights with Hughes (I think they fought twice) was a “Hall of Fame” fight.

Not in for his individual accomplishments.

Should he be referred to as a hall of fame fighter?

Probably not imo but HOFs are gay anyway so who cares right?