Why no Front Kick?

My friend asked me why there wasn't more front kicks in the UFC, or mma in general.

I really don't know the answer...anyone know?

I suppose its because they don't have much power? I dont know.

They don't do much damage and they are easy to catch.


From: Daisycutter
Date: 12/13/06 09:24 PM
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They don't do much damage and they are easy to catch.



Tell that to Luke Cummo.

We have all seen the TKD videos of tornado kicks and whatnot. You can catch someone with anything, even a front kick. Look at Frank Shamrock's fights. He dominates with low kicks and no-one can touch him. The moment he throws a front kick he ends up fending off a single leg (Shamrock vs Loeber, Shamrock vs Horn). Any where you can grab (Muay Thai matches and MMA) you want to use them sparingly because of the probability you will end up on your back. Use your hands for distance instead and practice combinations starting with punches and ending with kicks (preferably low).

Thanks- thats what I thought!