Why no shots to back of head...

The other day I was reading online and someone had posted online why they don't allow head shots to the back of the head. Someone even on the post stated they would rather take out elbows and allow strikes to the back of the head. Stupid if you ask me, wait, more like retarded. If you go look online and do some research you will see that the brain is made up of individual parts. I'm not going to name them all but I will name one. It's called the OCCIPITAL LOBE. Go to any site or brain anatomy book and it's right there for you. Kind in that region where fighters leave open while trying to protect their asses, more so just their domes. Well all in all the Occipital lobe is a major, I repeat major factor in how one sees. If for any reason at all, be it a hit to the head, fall to ground and you perhaps whack the back of your head you risk serious chances of possibly lossing vision. Wikipedia states - The occipital lobe is the visual processing center of the mammalian brain, containing most of the anatomical region of the visual cortex. If you don't understand what I'm trying to say or get across then you are probably that guy who would allow baby cutting elbows to leave but vision destroying shots in.

Well I really am not going to say more cause well I think I've done enough. To my fellow fighters and fightees, good luck, keep training and I'll see you on the flip side.

Kimbo if you read this, come holla at the kid. I ain't the best but I get an A+ for effort.

If my post hasn't cleared anything up so far just type in Occipital Lobe on dogpile. There are tons of sites that pop up showing the info I've just said. A friend of mine is an EMT and he is the one who clued me in on it cause I had asked what the deal was with the back of the head. Search Occipital Lobe and find out for yourself.

Kimbo, holla at the kid.

> Well I really am not going to say more cause well I think I've done enough.

What is it exactly that you've done?

I got tackled by some huge guy on some asphalt when I was younger..I hit the back of my head and went blind for a while and when my vision returned I had no memory of being blind.
ttt for brain damage.

I thought Shooto allowed hits to the back of the head.


try it out.....have a buddy hit you in the back of the head. Then report back as to how it feels.

it sucks.


[quote] feel it with ur hand moron[/quote]

Just had to laugh at this ;-) I had exactly the same thought.

In Australia we've had a few instances here in the last few years of guys being hit in the street front on and dying from the impact of the back of their heads on the concrete when they fall.

I worry more about the fall after being punched than the punch itself.