why no talk of john hathaway?

that kid is a bad motherfucker and is doing really well in mma. however, its like he does not exist on any of the boards or for any of the events.

i trained with him for about two months, and honestly, that kid is probably one of the biggest monsters for his weight class i have ever gone against.

Because I'm still bitter about him beating Tom Egan! Lol just kiddin, I understand where you're coming from though. For a young dude he is pretty damn good. Will be a force to be reckoned with in a few years. I don't think they should rush him though.

I was amazed when he outwrestled Rick Story, who is a pretty good wrestler of his own. Hathaway has a tremendous work ethic when he fights. There are not many guys who can deal with his pace. He needs time to develop before facing the top guys, but he's a promising up-n-comer for sure.

Was a great win against Paul Taylor


 He dominated at UFC 105!  The kid is only 22 years old, we will see bright things from him for sure.


Here is his fight free on UFC.com

Paul taylor v john hathaway


Hadn't seen the fight yet, just the result.  Will have to watch.  He's definitely looked impressive to this point and the win over Taylor is definitely not bad.

 This is from another thread,  props to the original TS!

Nick Osipczak v Matt riddle


Terry etim v Shannon gugerty


 Andre winner v roli delgado


Alexander Gustafsson v jarred Hamman


Dennis Siver vs Paul Kelly- http://www.ufc.com/live/?systemId=595e115b-bf6c-4485-b549-3d0356c653c3&playerContextId=43b0e4a9-72fe-4093-a2eb-15dc5cd37747


I had never really heard of him before sat night. But he impressed me more than anyone else on the card. He might not have been fighting a world beater but he fought a VERY good fight. I'll look forward to seeing him in the future, if he continues to improve he will be a MAJOR force.

Hathaway is one of the most promising prospect in the UFC at the mo. Will never forget how he completely spoilt the party for Tom Egan, who was the one getting hyped up and ended up getting completely dominated.

NHB USA - Dennis Siver vs Paul Kelly- ** 
WOOOW what a finish! I picked Siver to win due to his better standup, but did not see it finishing like that (even though he threw that kick before). Great finish!

BTW, were these available for free on the UFC video section, or are they available like this because someone got the links from within the pay section of the site and shared them? Also, any reason why they don't have sound? Or is it on my side only?

Thanks for sharing.

 ^^^^ the sound works here.  I just had to install Silverlight or whatever it is.  Also I'm pretty sure that they do cost because when I tried watching them from the site, they said they were $1.99 but when I click those links, it takes me straight to the videos!

I will link the original thread where someone posted them, one sec....


watch ufc 105 prelims free on ufc.com links inside bongwater7654 UnderGround Forum 12 hours ago


Thanks to Bongwater for sharing these!!!