Why not more online academies?

With the success of sites like MGinAction I am really surprised that there aren't more people offering this type of service. I have been a long time subscriber to MG's site but, I would love to try others that have games that excite my appetite for new technique like Cobrinha, Mendes, and the like.

As far as I know the only others out there are JJ Machado and Dracalino right? Phone Post

To have something running like MGinAction, in addition to having a great teacher, it also takes a few full time employees. I'm not sure many academies are willing to take on this responsibility.

www.straightblastgym.com is an excellent resource with tons of vids and a fantastic forum.

 supposedly both alliance and the mendes bros are coming out with online instruction.

Only people on the level of MendesBros would get any subscribers.

Then you have to actually update the thing daily with good, usable content, which may be the harder part for many athletes.

Too much free/downloadable info online Phone Post

No one has mentioned gracieuniversity.com yet? my favorite online curriculum!

dave321 - There is a ridiculous amount of material on youtube for free not to mention stuff you can download (illegally though).

Also you would have to compete with Marcelo Garcia, arguable the greatest BJJ competitor of all time.

that is only part of it. if the service was not well done, people would not keep paying for it just because of marcelo

I would be willing to bet Marcelo is doing pretty good from the site.

I emailed Cobrinha and he said his site is in the works right now. The Mendes Bros said they were close but had a falling out with their web designer or something but that it is still in the works. Phone Post

  1. JJ Machado is in the first post.

    2. MendesBros just proves it's not simple. These guys are competitors, not web designers.

    3. Marcelo and his team are smart to include Marcelo's teaching, Paul's and Henrique's teaching, and rolling footage. A good total package of what goes on day to day at the academy.

    Also, Marcelo is an open, cool guy, so his footage includes Ryan Hall, Jake Shields, Jimmy Pedro, Ben Askren, and many others, which makes it much more interesting than "famous dude beats up his unknown students."