Why on Earth is Quinton fighting Jardine ??

What is going on here ? Why is this match happening. First off Quinton should have gotten an automatic rematch after barely losing to Forrest. Why does Quinton need to work his way back....by beating a guy that got KO'd by a guy he just KO'd (Vanderlei).

Who doesn't want to see Quinton vs Rashad ? I do. Who wants to see Quinton vs Jardine ??


Exactly. And what if Jardine wins ?? Aren't he and rashad training partners. Does anybody want to see that fight anyway ?

Why is this fight happening ? ? ?

Isn't Rampage still awaiting sentencing for his conviction? The might not want the champ behind bars, others than that it is BS.

Rampage would beat Rashad. Rampage would beat Forrest in a rematch, hell he beat him before.

His abortion delivery service business failed and dana is punishing him for it.

Seems like a good match to me. I think Rampage will win in showcase fashion. What would make the fight "make sense"? I dont need every fight to advance a story line.

It's not about a storyline. It's about Quinton deserved an automatic rematch. He was the champ and lost a close decision. Instead he has to fight vanderlei, then Jardine, and then maaaaaaybe rashad ? That's wrong.

Also....the very idea of this fight induces sleep. It's a lame fight.

What fight makes more sense ? Oh I don't know, maybe Quinton vs rashad ?

cause techno viking is a cool ass guy, and if he wants a big fight he should get one.

Short answer? Because they do one PPV every month now.

The answer is because UFC wants your PPV money and they are trying to milk it as much and long as possible before giving us what we want.

Or giving fighters their well deserved title shots ala Machida, Rampage, Okami, etc.

Rashad asked for addition time off. Dana granted the time off and needed Rampage to Headline a Show.

If Rampage wins vs Jardine supposedly will get the Title Shot.

Jardine upsets Rampage and WILL NOT get a Title shot according to Dana.

Machida will probably get Cane (once Cane annilates Cantwell). Luis Arthur Cane is another bad ass not well known that will do little to promote the Dragon for a Title Shot.

Another great matchup made by Joe Silva and DW...

Jardine is a tough fight for rampage imo.

Rampage is not hard to gameplan against. He pretty much likes to stand up and primarily box. Jardine is a little better technically, and could pick Rampage apart, similar to Forrest but more convincingly.

I think Jackson knows how weak Jardines chin is by now, and will have a gameplan ready to stick and move for 3 rds.

Machida need a win over a big name.

Shogun, Wand, Rampage, Chuck.

SKARHEAD - And what if Jardine wins ?? Aren't he and rashad training partners. Does anybody want to see that fight anyway ?

then Machida gets the title shot, Dana already said this

The big names don't want a loss and have turned down fights vs Machida..