Why people washup when old

Some of the best warrior's known to mankind where in there 50's. In storys that u can watch on the History Channel called (I think) Ancient warriors. Tales of people from southwestern Europe and from Africa Zulu warriors, many of there best soldiers where in there 50's. Think of great fighters of today and yesterday, when they got old and looked as though they lost there talent. They all have 1 thing in common, they all gained weight. If u r 21 and the best in the world at 150 then 10 years later your at 190 and gettin beat allot, its not your age that's beat'n u. When u gain weight u lose Cardio, no gettin around it u cant out train weight. U wont practice as hard because your not in good enough shape and u lose your talent level. Show me 1 person who move up 20 lbs and is a better fighter, than he was at a lighter weight.

i'm 30 and i wash up cause it's good hygiene


Possibly you misunderstood the discovery channel the ancient warriours may have been better soldiers in terms of being leaders and strategist as opposed to actual fighting prowess.

From the perspective of an almost 43 year old, I get injured easier and take much longer to recuperate than even 10 years ago.

The only thing you gain by being past your prime is experience. And while experience is awesome, it doesn't make up for the losses in speed, cardio, recovery, flexibility, agility and non-dad strength.

BJ win 1 fight now he is better then he was at 155. lol. Wait till he is push for the 1st time in that class I predict will will gas badly. "Glassjaw" how much do u weigh now and how much in 1980.
"If" George Foreman gets down to 220 I think many of u will be surprised by his preformance.