Why say Professor????

Why do people use the term Professor when they technically are not professors? People seem to use the term loosely when referring to their instructors. I just get don't get it.

I have been training for just a little over 2 years now and I have never understood it or known the reasonings. I know about making sure you give the proper the respect to your instructors as they have all paid their dues somewhere along the line.

But "Professor" just doesn't seem accurate, though I do know they teach valuable lessons, movements, and fighting theories.

Can anyone think of a better title to give them?

Master ^&%$**&
Instructor ^@!$%^)(&&^

you probably saw me and many others post it, I'm just kind of following the masses and I totally agree with you. It's an awkward sounding title, I vote we start using hilarious titles such as lord or your excellency

If you mean in BJJ, I would guess because 'teacher' in Brazilian is 'professor' (sp?), similar to French. It's no more or less formal than calling someone your 'teacher'.

In general, some people like ritual, title, and the associated feelings. Or they want a classification system.

Rene is right.

Professor in Portuguese means Teacher.

From now on I will call Wiley "Overlord Wiley."

I vote for Darth


"Darth Wiley."

Man, that has a ring to it.


"Note to self"

"Start jotting down names"

They used to laugh and call me names until..............

...I'll never rule the universe with you...

how about coach?

What's the Brazilain/Portuguese word for Instructor?

Portuguese word for instructor is "instrutor"

But with a Brazilian/Portugese accent :)


my favourite term is "coach" but when I used the google language tool it translated to "├┤nibus" ( a coach bus?).

I think saying professor is funny, and it usaully makes Wagneny laugh so that is why I use it.

"coach" at my small dictionary:

- A type of car pulled by horse

- one car of a train

- a bus

- trainner

- to teach

- to travel by car or charriot

Does anybody know the belt/rank of the "Professor" from Gilligan's Island?

Professor in Portuguese = Teacher in English, which makes it quite a humble title when you ask me.

In Brazil, when someone is highly educated with an engineering degree, a professorship, or masters degree, etc, we often refer to them as "Doutor", or Doctor, even though they're not really medical doctors.