Why so much anti-UFCism??

logikit... It was a response to the comment I highlighted.

It's common way of addressing previous points on forums.

Partly it is elitism and resentment towards the popularity of the UFC and the TUF newb crowd it brings with it. People want to seem more hardcore and distinguish themselves from that crowd so they start looking for other organizations where they can find "real" MMA. The best analogy ive seen used, unfortunately i cant remember who by, was comparing it to fans of a band who support them up to the point they become successful, and then get annoyed that they are famous and look for someone else to be "their" band. Old school fans love to be able to correct thier TUF newb friends by telling them that the best fighters arent really in the UFC, like they could claim when Pride was around.

Oh it was your post I responded too... Are you cut or something?

You typed what I highlighted in reponse to another post talking about the quality of UFC and the matchups, your witty counter remark I disagree with because UFC has had MOST of the world's MMA stars on show in the last year. Happy?

The Pride nuthuggers are still bitter that their org folded. UFC is great. It's sad that people can't embrace it because they are trying to keep alive a rivalry that died over a year ago.

Dana and Joe Silva and that shitty nu metal they're always playing

otherwise it would be mostly alright

if the UFC put this show on tomorrow...they'd take SO MUCH SHIT from the people on the UG."

are you kidding? people would be like holy shit the UFC's HW division is finally watchable

"The biggest criticisms falls at the feet of those at the top. Sadly, it is a rule of life. The UFC is the biggest business in MMA so criticism comes with that honor."

  • Perfect.

Significance invites criticism and closer inspection - as it should.

After all, only those worth taking note of are the ones really worth analyzing and criticizing.

There should always be a healthy sense of skepticism and expectation toward the ones in power.

And the UFC now are the ones in power.

Most people weren't that demanding of the UFC (at least I wasn't) when it was still struggling and peripheral, and we were mostly just grateful it was even surviving.

But now that it is thriving and not just surviving, we can afford the luxury of being critical and more demanding.

A higher standing calls for higher standards of expectation.

Healthy and vigilant criticism should be a necessary attendant of preeminence - and a corollary of the premise that preeminence does not necessarily mean unquestionable perfection.

When you are the best, it should necessarily follow that you can always afford to be better.

I thought with 100% certainty you were being sarcastic.. Sorry.