Why such lousy fighters?

Last season with the old vets...that was by far the best season of fighters.

The other seasons have pretty much been 5 0r 6 legit guys and the rest are just jokes.

This season is worse than any.

I'm amazed at how non-technical alot of these fighters are.


everyone except who is left on the show.

lol....never made it? I thoink Serra has the belt now, if Im not mistaken....lol....

Mikey has stated the correct.

Also I think if you had made one more run at that wall you were going thru it.

Also hows the neck??

Most of these guys are pulled from local shows. You never know how they're going to stack up against stiffer competition.

Brandon is a perfect example of this. In Utah (which has a pretty damn good MMA scene), the guy dominated at his current weight, as well as HW.