Why the hate on Fujita?

I see alot of threads talking about Fedor "suspect chin" for being rocked by Fujita.

First off, that right was hard and well placed, anyone one would get rocked by that punch thrown by Fujita or not.

Secondly, Fujita smoked Sapp in K1 MMA, whereas Mino needed two full rounds to submit Sapp in what Mino said was the toughest fight of his career.

Give the man some respect goddamnit!

PS Hunt won DS

Fujita rules!!

i wanna see him fight one of the top 5 again before i pass judgement

Fujita beat Kerr which was surprising to me at the time.

Fujita beating Kerr was surprising to everyone. Kerr was #1 in the world at the time (maybe #2 to Vovchanchin), and Fujita was just another inexperienced pro wrestler. One of the biggest upsets ever.

And Fujita has continued to improve. He has become a very complete fighter.

Here's what I'd like to see: Fujita vs Randleman

Fujita vs Nog; The Battle of Fedors Bitches

I definatly think he consistantly gets left off of the top 10 lists too much. The man is a top 10 heavyweight PERIOD! Amazing solid puncher, off-the-scale chin, and super ground game. He will always have a big fan in me...

He's a decent fighter and a cool guy. I'm not quite sure why K-1 hasn't had him fight Barnett yet. At least now we may see Fujita/Herring.

Fujita vs. Herring sounds good to me!

I used to hate the way this guy fought, but he's
gradually become a beast over the years.

You have to love the man for his total slaughter of Sapp.

And why do we have to hate "on" people these days?

"Fujita vs Nog; The Battle of Fedors Bitches"

That was uncalled for. Fujita came closer to finishing Fedor and did more damage to him than anyone else has.

Fujita's entrance theme song is cool too! I think it used to be Inoki's.

I like Fujita, too bad he doesnt do more MMA

Whatever you do just keep in Japan where he belongs.

Ruas Vale Tudo has helped Fujita for sure. Since Marco trained him, 3 fights, 3 wins.

"People remember his lucky shot against Fedor but forget him lying on Kerr, Yvel etc. not knowing how to finish the fight... "

kerr, yvel are old fights.

lucky shot? so he got lucky against Ibraham also?

Fujita blocked and punched.. no way it was chance.

Fujita is a top 5 HW, and continues to be the most underrated HW ever.

yea thats fucked up how the sport works.

There are even different levels of underrated guys.

Guys like Fujita (who people have seen fight and do really well against top level guys still doesn't get his credit)

Then there are others that people just don't get to see who are some of the best in the world (Masanori Suda, Mike Pyle)

And then there are others who are fucking machines, but just haven't been able to prove it in the ring and nobody will give them a chance to because of past fight (Brandon Lee Hinkle)

I THINK he is a top 10 fighter, and i think you will see it in the next year