Why Was I Not Told?

Why was I not told about this Duffy chick?

Holy crap I had to stumble across her and DAMN!

This chick can sing. To be born with a powerful and unique voice like this and be pretty and slim too? She was given all the gifts frens.

All her videos are low key too. No need for radical dancing and flash when your voice is this superior. Her power range is great, and I love her vibrato. I don;t know if she has perfect pitch but her intonation is flawless.

If she ever wants to pass on here genes, I'm willing to impregnate her free of charge.

Here's another vid of her in the studio so you can see how unfiltered her voice is and how she can lay it down.

Did I mention she slips in and out of her falsetto flawlessly too?

Damn, dimples too? I wonder if my wife would make room for wife number two? Can't hurt to ask...

...or can it?

tfp fren TFP

You kids and your compugeek lingo...wtf is tfp gdi?

nm I tink I get um. Yer welcomes!

ok, I've since heard more, and I take back the flawless intonation comment, as she seems to be a mere mortal there, but I still love her tone.